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If any of you BRCA babes are at all like I was after my mastectomy, you’re probably wondering where in the world you’re supposed to go when it comes to bra shopping. I’ve listed here what’s worked best for me, but please feel free to post your own success stories below in the comments section to let other dolls know where to go when it comes to supporting your new girls!

My new size is a 34D. I was measured by a wonderful woman at Victoria’s Secret here in Dallas. The bra she recommended has been a GODSEND! I’ve loaded up on the lace unlined demi in every single color they have! There is a separate wire for each breast and it lifts ’em up and keeps ’em in!

Post PBM w/Lace Unlined Demi

With Unlined Lace Demi From VS

photo 2

As far as bathing suits are concerned, I’d definitely stick with something that has a band underneath the breasts. This one was purchased at Victoria’s Secret as well.


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