My Surgeons

Though reconstructive surgery has immensely progressed over the years, I will still boldly stand my ground and say that your desired cosmetic outcome is strongly influenced by the surgeons you choose to get the job done.

I have been extremely blessed to have Dr. Archana Ganaraj and Dr. Jeffery Krueger as my breast surgeon and my plastic surgeon. Their expertise has not only been the guiding force behind such a remarkable cosmetic outcome in my case, but it has also given the much-needed push to a handful of young BRCA women who have now decided to move forward with their prophylactic mastectomy. Here you will find the necessary information for my doctors, who in my opinion are the best in the biz!

Dr. Archana Ganaraj, M.D. (Breast Surgeon)

Phone: 214-345-7374








Dr. Jeffery K. Krueger, M.D. (Plastic Surgeon)

Phone: 214-739-5760

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