4 thoughts on “Support

  1. I saw your piece on Daybreak Friday. I am so glad that you were brave enough to do this. I am one of those who did not have the good fortune of being tested early enough. Even after going through breast cancer in 2000 and living 10 years cancer free, none of my doctors recommended BRCA testing until I was diagnosed with breast cancer again in 2011. I would have loved the option to get the preventative surgery.
    The BRCA gene does not only effect the individual but also any children they may have. Once I tested positive, I immediately had my three sons tested. They were old enought to be tested and understood why it was necessary. All three of them tested positive as well. Now they know they will have to be extra vigilant about their own health as well as their own children.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through all of that! This BRCA thing sure doesn’t mess around, does it? I’m so extremely happy with my decision. I’m glad you got your sons tested as well. At least we all will have a heads up for our families futures. 🙂 Thank you or commenting! It’s always nice to have another person know what you’re going through. 🙂

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