Candy Boobs?

Well, not exactly… but check this out!


The FDA finally approved the Allergan Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone Breast Implants in the US!

Try saying that three times fast…

I’m literally chomping at the bit for the chance to finally replace my existing implants with these bad boys. After my exchange surgery in December, I quickly realized there was a high probability that another surgery would be necessary for cosmetic purposes. I also realized that even with a thousand surgeries there would still be imperfections. But – three months after the fact, I’m finally okay with that.

Technically, there’s not really much wrong with my breasts now. The only minor issues I really have are rippling – which you can only see in certain lighting – and asymmetry. If I had to live with the outcome of my original reconstruction, I can honestly say that I would be okay with that; however, having the opportunity to fix the existing hiccups from the first reconstructive surgery is definitely a bonus! One that I will happily take, I might add!

The basic back-story to the newly approved Natrelle 410’s, more affectionately known as “Gummy Bear Implants” is that they’ve actually been used across the pond for about 20 years. They got their “Gummy Bear” title because the cohesive silicone on the inside of the implant is very similar to that of the Gummy Bear candy. You can basically cut right through the implant without having to worry about leaking silicone. The Natrelle 410’s also hold their shape far better than the average silicone or saline filled breast implant.

Tomorrow morning I will undergo my 3rd surgery and second round of reconstruction. My plastic surgeon ordered the new Gummy Bear implants to try out on me and in addition to that, he’ll be injecting fat from my stomach into my breasts, which will provide an extra layer over the implants to avoid the appearance of rippling. I’m really excited for this surgery because these implants were designed for women with very little breast tissue; whether it be because they were born that way or because they underwent a mastectomy.

There are definitely downsides to any implant, but I think the 410’s will most certainly accomplish the most desired look for someone in my situation. As a reminder, feel free to click the “Peep Show” link to see how my current silicone implants look. The videos and the Natrelle website will definitely explain it so much better! Wish me luck, kids!

Allergan Natrelle Website:

Breast Wishes –


3 thoughts on “Candy Boobs?

  1. Good luck with surgery tomorrow! I will be anxiously awaiting your next update. I have my exchange surgery on the 8th of April and I’m curious about the gummy bear implant 🙂

    • Thanks doll! I’m stoked! What I like about the Gummy Implants is that he said we wouldn’t need to do near as much fat grafting over them like we would have to do with the regular silicone that I have now. Since the fat dissolves pretty easily, this route seems to make much more sense. Because let’s face it, who wants to have to go through more surgery after what we’ve already been through? Not me! 🙂 I also want to lose about 8 pounds or so after all of this is over and that would be such a crap shoot if I lost the fat from my boobs after I just had it put there in the first place! Ha! Oh the trials and tribulations of all this! Thanks for the support! I’ll give y’all pics and updates as soon as I get settled in tomorrow. ❤

  2. How awesome to see these in action! I’m having my third surgery on Oct 30, and I think these are what I’m getting. Going from 775 CCs to like 475 or something. After seeing this, I’m REALLY excited. I haaaate the current implants. The reconstruction looks good, but they’re heavy and I’m sure will cause issues down the road.

    And no, I did NOT go bigger with my current implants. 🙂

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