And Then There Was One…

Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! The LEFT drain, my friends is officially outta here! Gone! No more! Skedaddled!

And now that that bad boy is off like a prom dress, I’m feeling a tad bit spunkier than I usually do on your average Thursday evening. Also, as my eyes begin to venture back a statement and rescan those last 27 words I’m quickly realizing that feeling spunky and discussing the removal of a prom dress is a surefire setup for disaster. Add a bottle of vino into the mix and that sounds like a recipe for a 9-month belated surprise. Well… good thing I’m not going to a prom any time soon and good thing I’ve cut back on the wine. As for being spunky… well that just is what it is.

Onto the drains… you have NO idea how excited I am to have one of those bloodsuckers out of my body! Hate them. Hate, hate, hate them! The good news is that there wasn’t an ounce of pain when it was removed – and it took all of 2 seconds to do. Which was extremely ideal as a timeframe given the fact that I had to get back to doing absolutely jack for the next month and a half. Luckily, I made it back to the house just in the nick of time…

Not much else to report at the moment but all is well on the boob front thus far! I’m finally scheduled for my exchange surgery to get my implants on December 5th. Good Lord – how I’ll be countin’ down the days! Which also makes me super excited for New Year’s Eve as the girls will be in full force that night! Again – no apologies here!

Aaaaaaand that’s all she wrote. Night, kids!

Breast wishes –


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