National PREvivor Day!

That’s right! Most of y’all probably didn’t know that there’s a designated day to celebrate PREvivors like myself. But there is. And it’s today. And in no way, shape or form do I feel at all selfish in celebrating myself on this sunny Wednesday afternoon!

Of course, right alongside me there are thousands of other brave women who have made the choice to travel down the road to PREvivorship and to tell you the God’s honest truth, there’s no way in HELL I could have done this without their support! So here’s to you, my sweet PREvivor dolls! You know who you are! I’ve had the honor of speaking with many of you over emails, phone or in person and am so blessed to have crossed paths with each of you.

Last night I was asked to accept an Ovarian Cancer Awareness Proclamation by my hometown of Wylie, TX in conjunction with the incredible support of the Relay For Life team. The Mayor of the town graciously allowed me to share my story with a room full of gazing strangers, all curious as to why I was speaking about cancer when I’m not actually a cancer survivor.

After about 3 and half minutes of kneading and folding and bending and squeezing my own personal story into the best summary I could possibly muster, I quickly found myself taken aback by the sudden change of disposition in the room. I guess that shouldn’t be too shocking given that the gentleman who spoke directly before me held a lighthearted and fun lecture about “Wylie’s Night Out” – a fun and spirited event encouraging friends and family to get to know their neighbors! Then here comes the cancer queen (drains and all), dramatically shifting the mood. Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

But as the speech went on, people were listening. And learning. And starting to understand that there’s a chance that even they could be carrying this undiscriminating gene mutation. Or their daughters. Or sons. Or sisters. Or brothers. This group of strangers had now been made aware that this thing was even a thing at all! That this thing may be the reason that their mother or grandmother had to battle full on breast and/or ovarian cancer. That this thing may have been the contributing factor to their brother, father or grandfather getting colon cancer or melanoma or prostate cancer 10 to 15 years before they should even have to worry about getting screened. So at the end of the day, I did exactly what I wanted to do – I spread the word. I made people aware. I shared my story in exchange for the hope of possibly saving someone else’s life – as  my sister did for me. And that makes me happy. Just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastically happy! (Thanks Rachel Green!)

Here’s to us on National PREvivor Day! Cheers, y’all!!!!

Breast wishes –


2 thoughts on “National PREvivor Day!

  1. I’m so proud of you girl…able to keep up the good spirits while you’re in recovery! How wonderful of the Mayor to do something so special for you! Happy belated Previvor Day to you! As you know, I have gone through the same journey and am going through the nips and tucks of reconstruction right now. If you need anything…just holla!!!

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