It’s Tired, And I’m Getting Late…

Talk about perfection. That bass ackwards piece of gibberish would be the full-fledged summary of my day. After enjoying a solid 24 hours of being home from the hospital, I wanted to be sure I kept up with doing things that would keep me moving. I’ve heard so many horror stories of women getting stiff arms after a mastectomy by not utilizing their limbs enough so today I did some basic (but necessary) things around the house to ensure I wouldn’t fall into the stiff limb category.

  1. Light cleaning – picked up some plastic cups from the sink and moved them to the counter. Bam.
  2. Listened to music – plugged in my iPhone and jammed out to some tunes in conjunction with sliding down the hallway in my socks. Let’s just consider that one as some light cardio.
  3. Held back the cat – Jersey pounced from window to window while a trio of ravishing young men played “Mr. Fix It” around the house today.
  4. Copied the cat – I myself, pounced from window to window while a trio of ravishing young men played “Mr. Fix It” around the house today.

So – after a long day of accomplishing quite a bit, a quick game of “resting my eyes” suddenly turned into this – Thanks, Mom, for the photo op!

Why is it that no matter how old we get, we still don’t want to admit that we want to go to sleep? My parents seem to enjoy this routine more often than not. It’s the classic back and forth bantering of “Honey, go to bed! You’re falling asleep.” “I’m not asleep, I’m just resting my eyes!” And it’s at that exact moment when the ‘resting my eyes’ statement is immediately followed by a jolting foot movement. Some even go as far as letting out a fake cough or a slight head raise to try and prove to the accuser that the fibbing drifter is in fact, simply “resting their eyes.”

Long story short: though you may feel like you have a 2nd or 3rd wind in you to clean the house or stalk a masculine trio of men playing with tools, you still have to take it easy for awhile. The more aggressive you are in trying to do too much the more tired you’ll feel. I now know I need to let my body learn to heal and the only way that will happen is if I keep the activity level down for a while. Other than that, things seem to be running on schedule and as planned. Now for some REAL sleep…

Night y’all!

Breast wishes-


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