Home Bound!


The breast surgeon and plastic surgeon came in this morning and said everything looked great! I’ve just received my discharge papers so as soon as my sister gets her little butt up to the hospital, I’m outta here!!!

I hardly have any pain this morning and had a great night’s sleep last night. Though my pain level is low at the moment, I’ve been warned to stay ahead of the pain by continuing the medication every 4-6 hours. And since happy pills are so much fun anyway, I’m sure I’ll have no problem in following those instructions!

As far as side effects go, I don’t really have any that are noteworthy aside from one. The expanders will sometimes rub against a nerve which sends a shooting twinge up my arm every once and awhile – and that sucks. It’s not painful but it’s definitely annoying. For the first 2 days after surgery, the expander hit a nerve that caused my index finger, middle finger and my thumb to become so tingly they were almost numb. Remember that game you played when you were a kid where you’d match your palm against your friend’s palm and when you felt your finger and their finger with the opposite hand it felt like a dead man’s finger? Well that’s exactly what it felt like. Some of you may not have played that game in your adolescent years, but we were country kids and aside from the emu chasing, there wasn’t much else to do. Which also makes me wonder how any of us would have known what a dead man’s finger felt like in the first place. Of course, this is coming from a kid who ate mud, swallowed pennies and ate some chick’s candy hair bow while it was still on her head. How I’ve even made it this far in life remains a mystery.

I uploaded a 3 day post op picture from this morning. The swelling is about the same but some of the bruising has turned from purple to yellow, which is good news. The incision lines are starting to heal as well. I will say I had no clue they would itch so badly while they heal. I thought I was going to claw myself to death last night! Of course dramatizing the situation keeps things interesting so there’s no need to retract that statement.

On a more awkward note, I will say there’s a high possibility that I freaked out the housekeeping lady as she walked in while I was having a photo op with my boobs this morning. I quickly realized she didn’t speak English and after watching her mumble a few untranslatable words with her head down followed by a swift little run out the door, I think it’s pretty safe to say I caught her off guard. Since I didn’t know how to say “for my blog” in Espanol, I decided to let her run with the idea that she walked in on me taking snap shots for my nonexistent lover. Sure pulled a doozie on her! And what’s worse is that she’s probably baffled as to what kind of guy would get a kick out the punching bags that are my boobs at the moment. Super!

My sister blister just got here and is ready to bring me home! Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for giving me such wonderful support while I’ve been at the hospital! I still have a long road ahead of me, but at least this part is over. I’m looking forward to snuggling on the couch with my cat, Jersey (he’s a trip), and watching reruns of True Blood. Talk to y’all again soon!!!

Breast wishes-


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