2 Days Post Op

Power of the shower!!!

Yep! That was the theme for the morning! It felt so good to wake up with minimal pain and it felt even better to get a good night’s sleep! Once I started bee boppin’ around the room, I finally felt well enough to take a shower – which wasn’t very easy given the whole drain situation. If I’d had an audience at the time, I’m about 99% positive I would have been compared to a one legged man in a butt kickin’ contest. Let’s just say it was awkward.

The plastic surgeon said I could leave today if I felt up to it so at this point I’m just waiting around to make sure nothing goes wrong before the end of the day. I’m still a bit more swollen on my right side so I’d rather not push the limit too far. Yeah… one more day it is!

Today was also the first day I got to see my breasts for the first time after surgery. I’ve decided to post pictures under a separate link on my blog. That way, those who may need some clarity in making their own preventative decisions will have the ability to follow me throughout each stage of this process. This also won’t force anything on readers that would rather not see the trials and tribulations of reconstructive surgery. Either way, it’s happening. The images are quite graphic but that’s definitely to be expected. This operation in no way, shape or form replicates a breast augmentation, so please do not expect to see anything look perfect 2 days post op. All images can be seen by clicking on the “Peep Show” page.

To start, my right breast and nipple are a bit more swollen than my left. The left breast has a small indention at the top, which makes it look flatter than the right. The bruising is pretty extreme right now as the expanders were placed underneath the muscle, forcing the muscle to do things that are completely unnatural. The nipples are also only this dark due to the bruising. They will turn back to their regular pinkish color in a few days. I’m extremely happy with the incision lines. Since they were made underneath the fold of the breast, scarring will be difficult to detect. You may also notice a reddish hue over my left breast. This is something they are giving me antibiotics for. If it spreads anywhere other than where it’s at, that could be a sign of infection and they would have to put me back under the knife to see what’s going on. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen! At this point, they say it’s completely normal.

The expanders are probably the most annoying part of this process. The shape of them is completely unnatural, they have hard little ridges on the outside of them to prevent them from sliding all over the place and they are heavy. Very heavy. My chest feels like it gained an extra 8 pounds over the last couple of days! They also tend to move around a bit if you’re not strapped in to something that applies pressure of some sort. As soon as I can get my expanders filled in about 3 weeks, they will become a little bit rounder and will look much cleaner! There is a small port built into the expander that the surgeon finds with a dangling magnet that attaches itself directly to the spot where the needle will fill it with saline. I’m thinking he can bump me up a few sizes for a Friday night out and then bring the girls back down before church on Sunday. Hey – WHY NOT?!?!

The round white things underneath the breasts are my drains. Ooooohhhh the drains. They’re annoying. There is a long tube that wraps almost all the way around the inside of each breast that allows fluids to be released into little pouches. They make shirts with pockets on the inside to hold the drains, but you can also safety pin them to anything and everything. Again… annoying! The drains will come out in about 8 to 12 days, which I’m totally using as my next milestone! HATE THEM!

At the end of the day (today anyway), I’m fully aware that the girls are lookin’ a bit rough. But I’m totally fine with that. They still look MUCH better than what I thought they’d look like. And in 3 months, the newbies will totally take over the monstrosity I’m dealing with now and all will be well in the world of boobs again! CAN’T. WAIT.

So for any of you other precious PREvivors out there who decide to head down this road, I hope this helps in some way! Aside from the swelling and bruising, at least I still look like I have boobs! And every day they will look better and better. I do not have ONE SINGLE REGRET at this point! I’m so happy with my decision. Because at the end of the day, it’s about our lives. Our future. Our families and our friends. It’s about more than vanity. It’s surviving. Plain and simple. Luckily, reconstruction is awesome these days! We have it so much better than our grandparents did (even our parents in some cases).

All I can do is hope and pray that my being completely vulnerable, exposed and unedited in showing these images can help ease the mind of at least ONE person. Because to me – that is what makes for a happy heart.

Breast wishes-


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