Holy Moly!

Well… it’s finally here, kids! While most of you will be fighting off a case of the Mondays 14 hours from now, yours truly will be fighting a completely different beast. Although I must say – sometimes surgery sounds a hell of a lot better than dealing with another manic Monday at the office. And when the new boob fairy gives a wave of her wand and grants you with a lovely new pair of hoohas 3 months down the road, I’m not quite sure if that leaves room for complaints!

The anesthesiologist just called and reminded me that I get to enjoy a little cocktail (in pill form) before they start my IV for the anesthesia. At least THAT’S something to look forward to! Surgery day has definitely sprung up on me faster than I thought. It was April 2nd when I found out about my little BRCA buddy and it was only a couple of weeks later when I scheduled my surgery, happy that I chose a day so far down the road! Damn you, Father Time!

As September 17th started drawing near, I would constantly find myself comparing the expiration of something to the time frame of my surgery – like when I noticed I only had 5 stamps left for my monthly rent check. When September 1st rolled around I found myself staring blankly at an empty, glossy sheet of rectangular paper that now housed only one giant stamp-like sticker with the liberty bell on it. Or like when my milk expired on the 12th. Or when it finally started feeling like fall outside. All of these things swept through my head on April 2nd, lingering for weeks after.

But time will always march on, milk will always expire, cooler weather will faithfully continue to give us Texans a break come mid September and those little square stickers that cost an arm and a leg will always be needed to keep a roof over my head. It is what it is!

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! If reconstruction options weren’t as phenomenal as they are today, I may not be in such great spirits. But they are, so I am. After a lovely little send off party with my family and friends saying “Tata to Amy’s Tatas”, it’s officially go time! So as a wise woman (self) once said, “Here. Goes. Nothin’.”

Breast wishes –


4 thoughts on “Holy Moly!

  1. Amy, I know you don’t remember me, but I am Starr Swaim Lepsis mom, Karen. I’ve seen Anita’s post of what you’re going thru and see today is THE day. Letting you know you are in our thoughts and prayers, asking God to wrap his loving arms around you to comfort and console you thru this journey and to keep his angels love and strength surrounding you at all times keeping you lifted with positive thoughts and strength. We hope you have a quick and painless recovery! God Bless you sweetie!

  2. Amy, thinking of you!! I am also a brac2 babe lol and having surgery next month. When you wake up from surgery you went from a 89 percent chance to a one to three percent. Congratulations on being so brave!!!!

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