Luck It!

Yep! That’s no typo, my friends!

With the countdown to dooms day – crap, SURGERY DAY – remaining faithfully persistent, I’m annoyingly aware that I have a mere 11 days left until I begin what I like to call “my new normal”. As many of you now know, I’ve clearly gone back and forth and up and down on the ever-present emotional rollercoaster that is BRCA2+. The “Reality Bites” post was technically y’alls back stage pass to that shit show – which was actually conceived after an inconvenient little love fest between my raging resentment and my lingering need to wallow in self pity. You’re welcome.

But – it’s time to cut the crap! I saw a documentary the other day called “How To Die In Oregon”. Ever seen it? Let’s hope not. My mood was effectively jaded for days to come, knowing that people in Oregon can legally choose to end their life if they’re accompanied by a physician. Wait…WHAT? Seeing so many people of all ages throughout this film choose to end their life for one reason or another made my heart hurt. The spectrum was broad – some had cancer, some wanted to end their life due to numerous strokes and some just wanted an easy out.

The sadness you feel for anyone even thinking about giving themselves that option is overwhelming. So I reverted back to myself. I’m so unbelievably lucky to be in my situation. I’m so lucky to have a heads up in this ball game. I’m thankful that God has given me and so many other women out there a chance to bypass all the cancer shenanigans with something that is even earlier than early detection! It’s so easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself that sometimes it takes a drastic moment to snap you back into the reality of how easy you actually have it. For whatever reason, it took me seeing people want to kill themselves to count my blessings – but I’ll just blame that on the whole being human thing.

Seriously, though. I find myself getting a little excited as the date draws near. I’ve been lucky enough to have my sister and my dear friend Holley as a pictorial guide through this journey, and I’m anxiously hoping that I can be that guide for someone else going through this experience! As my sister now nears 7 weeks post op, her boobs look phenomenal and she still has another month and a half before she gets her final implants! I swear you can’t even tell she had surgery! If they look that amazing now, can you imagine the final result? Well I can!!! Bring on the new boobs!!!

As I close this post, I figured I’d leave y’all with a sweet little video showcasing what an amazing human being that zany Kellie Pickler is! Love

Breast wishes –


9 thoughts on “Luck It!

  1. Hi Amy

    I am sitting in my hospital bed, in Sydney, Australia, 2 days post op. I have just had a risk reducing double mastectomy myself, I have my expanders in (not expanded of course, but a silver lining on the cloud), I’m feeling a bit fragile but positive that the step I have taken will spare me and my family in the future.
    I want you to know, I am thinking of you, and hope that your experience will be as positive as mine. Sara

    • Sweet sweet Sara-

      Its so amazing to see how many other women out there are taking action! It’s a painful experience for any woman to go through whether they’ve had cancer or not. But the fact that we are beating even the earliest point of cancer detection is phenomenal. We are so lucky to have a heads up! I’ll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and will let you know when I’m out of surgery. Another friend of mine is having her surgery this morning, so it looks like a little domino effect here! 🙂 Keep your chin up and just remember – this too shall pass! Xoxo

  2. I too went through the same surgery in June! Obviously, I’m in your corner and support your decision 100%! What a brave, strong decision you’ve made!

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