(Not So) Fun In The Sun…


The oh so lovely lobster-red hue that leaves even the most polite pedestrian wincing as they pass you by. You’d think that as informed as the human race is these days regarding the consequences of a killer sun stamp, we’d all be a bit more diligent in protecting our skin, right? Not so much…

The majority of us will typically start our new and improved summer agenda with the ramblings and preachings to friends and family showcasing our newfound responsibility for safety in the sun! I’d like to say that I’ve been a decently responsible citizen of the sun by protecting my precious epidermis throughout the last 27 years… but that would be a lie. And I typically only float the lying boat when it comes to being late. And the only reason I’m ever late in the first place is because I leave late. I’m a firm believer that punctuality is much more difficult than non procrastinators make it out to be.

Whether it’s floating the Guadalupe River for a solid 8 hours (sister – Holly), using expired sunscreen (sister – Heather) or laying out on the top of a mountain sans SPF in Montana (Allison & I), we’ve all seen our fair share of the sought after “sun-kissed” glow turn more tomato-esque and painful. It’s amazing how quickly the responsibility wagon jumps off path after a few alcoholic beverages. And as one wise woman once told me, “Safety never takes a holiday!” <— Compliments of Allison Klimm – always there for a quick one liner if needed.

BRCA BUDDIES BEWARE! Studies find that carriers of the BRCA gene mutation (women AND men) are also genetically predisposed to a higher risk of getting melanoma. On a positive note – the risk increase is nothing too severe. More than anything, experts simply recommend an annual head to toe screening with your dermatologist. Too bad Ian Somerhalder went into acting instead of dermatology. Bummer.

Here’s a link with some additional info. Sunscreen for the win!!!


Breast wishes –


3 thoughts on “(Not So) Fun In The Sun…

  1. Ah! Floating down the Guadalupe brings back memories for me! I’m loving all your posts, Amy ( : Just added you to my ‘Brave Blogroll’….hope you are doing great.

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