To Drink, Or Not To Drink?

Ahhhh… the age old question (at least for me, anyway).

Vino. I absolutely love it! There’s just something so rewarding about the decadent taste of an oaky cabernet caressing your tongue, promisingly faithful at a precise 65 degrees. My mouth waters just thinking about it. My entire family likes wine and after my eldest sister and brother in law built a wine cellar in their house, our once simple enjoyment of wine at dinners or parties turned into more of an art form that’s now relished on a daily basis.

Holidays with our family have now turned into a side game of “wine stalking”. When my sister and brother in law bring wine to a family event, the masses have an unwavering understanding that NO ONE touches their immaculate offering until they have opened, aired and tasted their vintage vino first. After that first sip, the two disperse and its fair game for the rest of the family. And after about 27 seconds… its all over. I must say that the mood even dampers a bit when one realizes that the fine collector’s edition is now happily settled in everyone’s stomachs. There is, however, a slight chance that a quarter of a bottle will somehow go unnoticed and one lucky mortal sneaks away with the goods. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to be that lucky. But finding that bottle I can only imagine would be comparable to how one would feel winning an insurmountable sporting event. Something that gives you an equally rewarding feeling of accomplishing the impossible – like winning a triathlon!

As much as I enjoy drinking the intoxicating beverage made from fermented grapes, it may cause a BIG problem for someone with the BRCA2 gene mutation. Super.

My genetics counselor warned me to limit my alcohol intake as it is thought that alcohol may increase the possibility of breast cancer. I guess the fact that I’m getting rid of these lady killers in one month makes me less worried than if I wasn’t having this procedure, but I wanted to post an article about it for anyone else that is BRCA+.

I also wanted to share a quick video giving everyone an idea of a typical night with my amazing family! My younger brother and I are enjoying our beloved vino and of course… music!

Side Note: Please excuse the “I just got through working out look.” I had a minor altercation with the air conditioner in my car on the way to my parents house last night. Ended up being an operater error (shocking) as apparently the AC button wasn’t turned on. It was a long day. Let’s leave it at that.

Breast wishes-


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