Night Cap

So since this whole thing is kind of a family affair, I wanted to post an oldie but goodie pic of me and my sisters. Oh how I miss the nineties! The oldest is my precious sister who is currently going through recovery from her mastectomy right now (which went GREAT by the way!). The one on the left is my ever so spirited other older sister, Holly. You don’t want both of us talking in the same room at the same time ever unless you want that booming stereo effect. And/or an earache. And the cheeseball in the middle with an outfit that could possibly be mistaken for an obnoxiously large diaper sporting the self-cut bangs… is me. I mean – do those things even qualify as bangs??? And maybe my outfit was just extra puffy that day. And only on the bottom.

Sometimes, there are just no words. Nope. None.

Gotta love the family photos!

Breast wishes-


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