The Classic Over Reactor – Steve Martin Style (Hot dog buns anyone?)

Sometimes there’s nothing I love more than staring at a blank page, knowing I’m about to completely destroy the simplicity of it’s infinite potential to be dazzled with my unedited thoughts. Is it wrong to feel sorry for a piece of paper? A piece of paper that’s technically not really paper in the first place given that it’s sitting inside my computer screen? Interesting.

After jotting down that quick bit of gibberish I quickly realized I needed to go grab my glasses. Yep. Most of you probably didn’t know that I wear glasses every now and then. That of course stemmed from my hypochondriac years (roughly from 1984 to 2012) when I woke up with sore eyes one night and determined I was going to die from eye cancer. Damn you, WebMD! Turns out I just needed to get reading glasses (.75). But I will say that dumping those blurry drops in my eyes for “dilation” purposes made me question whether or not the doc was actually putting cancer in my eyes himself! What? Can’t an over reactor get a warning every now and then about the creepy cancer drops? Geez. He proceeded to tell me to go down the street and have a cup of coffee and a muffin until they started working. Not having any clue as to what was about to go do down I soon found my self taking a picture with my iPhone of my receipt tab, zooming in on the just taken photo to see the total, then asking the waitress to point to where the signature line was so I could sign and be on my way. That was a neat moment.

Where am I going with this you ask? Hypochondriac. Hy. Po. Chon. Dri. Ac. Such an aggressive word. But that’s me when it comes to health every so often. Although I will say that it’s partially Google’s fault. Did I mention I’m a blame shifter?

Okay – in all seriousness, I wanted to end this day on one last note. It took me about 10 minutes to hit that “post” button on my facebook today. Opening up to the public about my groovy little situation has locked me down with so many insecurities the last four months leaving me tense and second guessing my thoughts constantly. The outpour of affection from everyone today was so wonderful and refreshing! As I go through a phase of doubt every so often, I am now confident that friends, family and supporters across the board will put me back on the right train of thought when needed. I know this decision is the best decision for me, given my little hypochondriac problem. Did I mention the hypochondriac thing? It will be nice to finally stop googling so much! Thanks for not making me feel like a nut, y’all! If I had a drink in hand right now I’d toast to myself and say “Congratulations, self! Though people may not think you’re crazy now, feel free to parade it around on the porch in private when necessary. And don’t forget to bring your favorite drinking buddy, Tito(s)! Amen.”

Breast wishes-


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